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April 02 2017

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April 01 2017

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Lorenzo Bernini: Memento mori
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u n g o l d e

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Bat-Eared Fox (Otocyon Megalotis)

how do i unlock this dog

that scientific name means eardog bigears

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you are missing something! although those are the boots of the apollo 11 suits, they’re not what was worn on the moon. neil armstrong, not content with wearing just one pair of shoes, demanded nasa make him another, larger and cooler pair of boots just for walking on the moon.

you can see them here, to the right of the suit’s built-in boots.

photos of armstrong on the moon prominently feature the boots!

although i couldn’t find any official nasa photos of the bottoms of the boots, i could find something even more interesting! an x-ray of the boots “taken as a last minute check to see if there were any foreign objects that could compromise the integrity of the spacesuit during the mission, such as broken off tips of needles that were used in the stitching process”

the thick vertical lines are the treads at the bottoms of the boots

on a more pragmatic note: if nasa was faking a moon landing with a $150 billion+ budget, do you really think they’d mess up something as simple as a boot print?

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11 week old lion
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March 11 2017

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